The Midi-Skirt Issue


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Lately I’ve been really into this midi-skirts trend. After a shopping spree I came back home with three of those. Pleated, flowered, unicolor, however you like it, the midi is a must-have this season.

In case you didn’t know, the midi skirts were very popular in the 40’s, which was a fashion decade known for its grace. A midi is a great piece if you’d like to change your look a little, by adding a tint of elegance. From my point of view, the midi-skirt is an extremely feminine piece, that being the mainly reason why I enjoy mixing them with sneakers, resulting a bold contradiction between sporty and girly. Also, if you like a more daring combo, you can wear them with cropped tops.

How I wear my midis?

1. A black Topshop flowy skirt with a pink colorblock silk tee, black and white Adidas sneakers and black mirrored bag from Zara.


2. A white Topshop skirt with black Zara see-through cropped top, a pair of white classic Converse and a embroidered backpack from Accessorize.


3. A pink blush pleated skirt from Zara plus “I’m over you” grey tee from Pull & Bear, a vintage light pink cardigan, white Converse and burgundy Zara bag.



Also, here are some neat suggestions on how you can mix and match a midi.









Tennis Court


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Unfortunately, I couldn’t write a proper post for my Paris experience, but I will, I promise. I was over my head with work the past two weeks and writing wasn’t really my main concern. But, now, I hope I will get some rest and some well-deserved ME-time, which I haven’t had in a while. I am literally craving for FREEDOM.

Until I’ll find enough time to write about Paris, here are some photos taken almost a month ago during my daily walk.

I picked khaki skinny jeans from ZARA, a green biker jacket also from ZARA, Topshop grey basic tee, New Look shoes, black and white Accessorize bag and  a rose gold Marc Jacobs watch.


DSC07000 DSC07001



Black and Gold.


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I’m not such a big fan of black, but back in the days I was really into darker shades. I guess how you feel inside really shows on the outside, because I made an extraordinary effort to wear black again. So, here I was on this sunny Saturday wearing a black and gold outfit.

I paired these black skinny jeans from H&M with a basic tee from Topshop, a Pull & Bear bomber jacket with gold embellishments, cutted boots and a black leather gold mirrored ZARA bag. Oh, I almost forgot the sunnies! The sunnies are from Ray Ban, of course.

DSC06931 DSC06933 DSC06934 DSC06936 DSC06945 DSC06951 DSC06955


My Dream Home.


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If you didn’t know it already, yesterday was the international day of happiness. I won’t make this post about it, even though I can say that I’m truly happy. In the past months I’ve been trying to have a bad thoughts cleanse and embrace a positive attitude in almost everything I do. Well, all I can say is it really worked out. Positivity attracts good things. I met a bunch of extraordinary people, my life turned at 360 degrees and it looks like I am getting everything I ever wanted.

Appearently this month is full of changes and good news. Oh, Lord, keep them coming! I recently found out that in a few months I’ll be moving in my very own apartment! Yeeey!

Home decor became slowly my latest obsession, so I’ve been searching all over the internet, especially on Pinterest, for inspiration on how my dream home should look like.

So, I have bought all sorts of home decor pieces for my new home and also made a wishlist with all sorts of items which you can mostly find at ZARA home.

Here’s what inspired me and how my dream home will look like. Hopefully.

The living room will have dark grey walls, black furniture, a bright fuchsia couch, black and white vertical striped curtains and a dramatic black chandelier.





My bedroom will have an enormous closet (preferably a dressing, but let’s take it step by step), white furniture with a vintage touch and floral pastel tapestry!







My Daily Office Outfits


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It’s been a while since I last wrote something, but I must admit I wasn’t really in the mood. I am over my head with my latest project which I hope will be ready until 8th of March. So, my plan for keeping myself as busy as possible really works. I’m not complaining, it’s just that I’m a little bit tired. I guess that’s what happens when you’re working hard to build the life you dreamed of.

I didn’t manage to take some proper pictures, I won’t blame the weather even though it’s blameable, I’ll just blame myself for not being in the mood. Shame on me!

Here are my everyday office outfits captured by my dear colleague, Alexandra, every time we go out to grab something to eat, plus an older one from December.

I’ll start with the older one, I was wearing a Philip Lim inspired jumper, Promod leather-sleeve coat, Stone Creek chain boots, my fav pair of nude waxed jeans from ZARA and my oversized H&M bag.


A light grey angora sweater from ZARA mixed with an embellished skirt from KOTON and over-knee boots.


A cozy striped wool coat from H&M, ZARA leggings and military boots.


A ballerina bun always goes well with baby pink nuances. So, here we have a Stradivarius jacket, ZARA striped blouse with zippers, black H&M jeans, over-knee boots and well, Mr. Jazz the cat.



Zara royal blue sleeved blouse and Stradivarius pencil skirt with leather insertions.


Stradivarius sweater with studs, grey H&M shorts, these awesome studded thights from Penti and a grey boyfriend wool coat.



My fav ZARA burgundy biker jacket, leather skater skirt and white angora sweater.


A black ZARA turtle neck blouse and ZARA black and white neoprene skirt with zippers.


My casual Friday outfit: Miss Selfridge nude leather jacket, H&M black jeans, MOFO message tee, ZARA wedge sneakers.


Rainy Saturday at work starring my new tartan wool coat and a tiny elevator-selfie.



I wish you all a sunny Spring!


Valentine’s Day and Paris


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Last night, I had dinner with a good friend of mine and somehow we ended up discussing V-day (I can’t even pronounce the whole thing) and he adviced me to write about it, mainly because I have a different point of view about this holiday/ event/ whatever this is. So, here we go. I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, really, but I am truly convinced that this should be a way to celebrate, in the most egoisthic way, YOU. Why? Because there should be no one in this entire world whose love for you is greater or should be greater than yours. We should celebrate true love and obviously, the most sincere form of love is the one we have for ourselves. I am sorrounded by so many couples that are bonded by anything but love and that’s just sad. That’s why you should make it about you.

It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated it in this egoisthic, self-concerned manner. I always buy myself either a new fragrance, either expensive lingerie. Well, this year I went for something bigger, PARIS! Today I bought the tickets as a V-day gift, but I’m going in April, because, hopefully, the weather will be nicer. So, it’ll be me and Paris for 5 days!

It will be my second time in Paris, but this time I plan to make a more elaborate visiting tour. The first time, I wasn’t prepared and, let’s just say, I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate it.


*Pick the first week of the month (every month!), because on Sundays you get free pass at almost all the museums.

*If you are under 26, you get free entrance at Louvre, every Friday night from 6 P.M. to 9:45 P.M.

To keep the tradition alive, I’ll show you my picks:

A floral bra from H&M. You can find it in here.


And my new fav perfume, Opium by YSL. Floral lingerie and Opium, because I love contradictions. You can find it in here.


Brigitte Bardot’s song and this Miss Dior Cherie commercial always puts me in the mood for Paris.

 Au revoir!

100 Happy Days


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It’s been a while since I’ve last had a proper photo session, but hopefully I’ll have one soon, now that my final exams passed. Meanwhile, I’ll show you one of my favorite outfits that I wore two months ago, when I was in my hometown for Christmas. If I do recall well, it was the 1st of January, so excuse the messy hair and extra-pounds.

Oh, I almost forgot! I enrolled myself in a beautiful project called “100 Happy Days” and I plan to stick to it. Maybe I’ll learn to appreciate more the little things that count in life. So, you should to do the same thing and sign up in this quite amazing program. What you got to do and more details about it, you’ll find in here.

I wore a pair of tartan trousers from TOPSHOP, Promod biker coat, ZARA loose sweater, H&M oversized bag and a pair of comfy ankle boots that I bought from ebay.





Treasure Hunt


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We all know every woman loves a good shopping session. Why? Well it’s kinda simple. Makes you feel better, actually I believe that after music, shopping is the best therapy. It gives you that feeling, like you can conquer the world. You’re suddenly victorious. And of course, it’s the best calorie burner ever. After a hard core shopping session I can’t even feel my legs, that’s why I always wear comfy clothes.

So, before I’ll show you my little treasures, I’ll make a short presentation of my shopping look. Nothing complicated.

I was wearing a pair of sweat pants that I bought for running, but ended up completing this outfit. A loose, grey tank top from ZARA, a loose burgundy blouse also from ZARA, burgundy ZARA bag, Pimkie tartan cardigan and my favorite Wagooner boots from Stone Creek.


Now, here are my little treasures! I found a khaki parka, two pairs of waxed jeans (I just can’t imagine how life would be without them), an embellished clutch from ZARA, another clutch from ZARA, a bunch of necklaces, a Wonder Woman coffee can, a black backless dress from ZARA( which I can’t wait to wear, I’ll just have to find the perfect ocassion), a bandage dress also from ZARA and a corset from H&M.




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I promised to fill somehow my absence in the past months, so this post is dedicated to my best moments from 2013. You’ll find here my office outfits and also my favorite mix and matches. I’ve picked some photos from my phone, which I considered relevant, so here we go.

1. Oh, boy…how I miss my summer tan and my long, long hair… I paired a white tee with a pair of khaki pants, black & white ZARA flat sandals and a nude studded bag, also from ZARA. 20140112-121543.jpg20140112-121630.jpg20140112-121704.jpg

2. Here I have no idea what I was doing, but I guess I was trying to prove how cute I look with this beach-hat. I bought it.     20140112-122520.jpg

3. These two beautiful, beautiful ladies were my coleagues at the PR Agency. Meet Alice and Ana.       20140112-130553.jpg

4. Here we have a multi-coloured playsuit from AX Paris if I do recall and my super-comfy nude ZARA wedge-sandals. My best friends, Ana from Jurnalul Evei and Andreea from Feminin la Superlativ.20140112-131020.jpg 20140112-131043.jpg

5. That was a work day and I was going to grab lunch. Hot summer day! H&m silk tank top, H&M khaki pants and fuchsia ZARA flat sandals. 20140112-131115.jpg 20140112-131139.jpg

6. Another day at work. A super comfy white ZARA dress, very appropriate for wearing it at the office. And of course, another pair of flat strappy ZARA sandals. 20140112-131239.jpg

7. When my best friend, Ingrid (we’re besties since high-school and I’m always bragging about that) came to Bucharest. We had such a great time together! ZARA necklace, Pull & Bear “My boyfriend is a tiger” tee, skinny jeans, Orange court stilettos also from ZARA and…wait for it… MY Angel Jackson bag! 20140112-131436.jpg 20140112-131505.jpg

8. “test-driving” my new Chanel glasses. 20140112-131607.jpg

9. One of my favorite outfits. I was obsessed with cropped tops, so I made one. And the leather pencil skirt was a killer. And my precious red lips clutch from MOSCHINO. That night was epic! As you can see I took a photo with Mr. Ovidiu Buta ! 20140112-131642.jpg 20140112-131711.jpg

10. And my second favorite outfit starring the same cropped top, but paired with a flared deep green ZARA trousers and some cool, cool accessories. 20140112-131735.jpg

11. My Halloween outfit sent me back to school. No words needed. 1383142_665234606828432_1148642712_n

12. At my 23rd birthday party, feeling loved.

I wore ZARA waxed nude jeans (leather-like), ZARA beige V-neck sweater and a gorgeous ZARA necklace. And…my short hair!20140112-131834.jpg 20140112-131910.jpg


DSC06794 DSC06826

And that was my 2013 in pictures. Hopefully, 2014 will be even better!