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Last night, was just like a breezy summer night, so we decided to take advantage and go out for dinner and wine. I was in the mood for a walk (but I always seem to be), so I went for a relaxed and comfortable look. We settled @Storage Room (wasn’t planned, was the only place that looked good and had a free table), a nice place, with bohemian accents, kinda looks like an outdoor restaurant, with warm lightening, good music and a delicious mix of wine and fruit (we picked the white one , because I’m a little obsessed to keep my teeth as white as possible, but I bet the red one tasted even better). Was the perfect way to spend our friday night.

Look of the night:

H&M burgundy t-shirt

ZARA ripped jeans

ZARA beige suede boots with gold spikes

New Look beige boyfriend blazer

Gold studded beige clutch with chain