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Yesterday I went for a more feminine look (had an oral exam and we all know that looks DO matter). I’m not much of a dressy kinda girl, but from time to time, especially when it’s so damn hot outside, I feel like wearing something loose. So, I went with a multi-coloured dress that I bought last summer from Zara and never got to wear it.

A few days ago, I bought this gorgeous pair of nude flats from Zara, I thought it was the perfect time to wear them. Wrong! You know how they say “killer heels”, well, I just found a beautiful pair of killer flats. They surely managed to kill my legs. I’m just grateful that I learned from my past experiences with good-looking shoes (and men, if I may add) and I always carry in my purse blister compeeds. Damn my addiction for good-looking but oh-so-hurtful things!

Look of the day:

ZARA multi-coloured dress

ZARA red mini-shopper bag

ZARA nude flats with ankle bracelet