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I just received my prom photos and I thought that I can’t let this pass without a new post. Prom, as I heard them sayin’, should be something unforgettable…and so it was, but not in a good way. Maybe after reading this, many bad thoughts will be sent in my direction, but I really don’t care, I’ll just lay all my thoughts here.

I had expectations! I thought that my colleagues will act according to their age, like graduated law students, but I was wrong…

They started fights and this is wrong and upsetting in so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. What the F, guys? Was this the first time you actually tasted alcohol? And what the hell, an alcohol coma? It was way too much for me and all this chaos left me with a bad taste and a “never wanting to go out with my colleagues again” desire. Very disappointing. Very disappointed.

All in all, there were some pretty special people out there, pretty dresses, pretty queens & pretty kings. The place was well picked, the perfect scenery (for queens and kings, not fights, don’t get me wrong), Jubile The Ballroom, a very tasteful and glamorous place.

I was aiming for a loose bun, but I ended having this amazing bun, that made a match made in heaven with my grecian dress. Many thanks to Oana Marica Beauty Studio, not a single hair went out of his place for the entire night, this is what I call quality services.

THE DRESS, well, what about the dress?

The dress was originally brought a year ago on ebay from TOPSHOP and I did some rearrangements. Made this deep V neck front and the same deep V in the back and added a tighter waistband ( to avoid unwanted accidents).

The Pearl Belt I made it myself, because I couldn’t find anything that matched with the dress. I also wanted to highlight my waist. Not bragging, but it’s a hell of a waist!

So, here they are:

Accessorize embellished clutch box

TOPSHOP (& Ania) pale pink grecian dress

H&M rose gold strappy sandals

Accessorize pearl chandelier earrings

Accessorize pearl flower ring