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We all know every woman loves a good shopping session. Why? Well it’s kinda simple. Makes you feel better, actually I believe that after music, shopping is the best therapy. It gives you that feeling, like you can conquer the world. You’re suddenly victorious. And of course, it’s the best calorie burner ever. After a hard core shopping session I can’t even feel my legs, that’s why I always wear comfy clothes.

So, before I’ll show you my little treasures, I’ll make a short presentation of my shopping look. Nothing complicated.

I was wearing a pair of sweat pants that I bought for running, but ended up completing this outfit. A loose, grey tank top from ZARA, a loose burgundy blouse also from ZARA, burgundy ZARA bag, Pimkie tartan cardigan and my favorite Wagooner boots from Stone Creek.


Now, here are my little treasures! I found a khaki parka, two pairs of waxed jeans (I just can’t imagine how life would be without them), an embellished clutch from ZARA, another clutch from ZARA, a bunch of necklaces, a Wonder Woman coffee can, a black backless dress from ZARA( which I can’t wait to wear, I’ll just have to find the perfect ocassion), a bandage dress also from ZARA and a corset from H&M.