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If you didn’t know it already, yesterday was the international day of happiness. I won’t make this post about it, even though I can say that I’m truly happy. In the past months I’ve been trying to have a bad thoughts cleanse and embrace a positive attitude in almost everything I do. Well, all I can say is it really worked out. Positivity attracts good things. I met a bunch of extraordinary people, my life turned at 360 degrees and it looks like I am getting everything I ever wanted.

Appearently this month is full of changes and good news. Oh, Lord, keep them coming! I recently found out that in a few months I’ll be moving in my very own apartment! Yeeey!

Home decor became slowly my latest obsession, so I’ve been searching all over the internet, especially on Pinterest, for inspiration on how my dream home should look like.

So, I have bought all sorts of home decor pieces for my new home and also made a wishlist with all sorts of items which you can mostly find at ZARA home.

Here’s what inspired me and how my dream home will look like. Hopefully.

The living room will have dark grey walls, black furniture, a bright fuchsia couch, black and white vertical striped curtains and a dramatic black chandelier.





My bedroom will have an enormous closet (preferably a dressing, but let’s take it step by step), white furniture with a vintage touch and floral pastel tapestry!